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O u r   S e r v i c e s

 At NewNation, our primary aim is to advance Nation-building, and we pride ourselves on our ability to go above and beyond the duty to consult. Our team's breadth of experience enables us to offer a suite of services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of our diversified client base.

Whether you are a private sector company seeking to engage Indigenous communities in meaningful economic opportunities, or an Indigenous community seeking to advance a vision of economic independence, we are your trusted partners. 


Our economic development experts will engage in initial consultation with potential clients to determine needs, identify opportunities, and establish clear objectives.

Our team will work with clients to develop a strategy to ensure efficient execution of their objectives. Our team has the capacity to assist in developing a wide-range of strategies such as: Indigenous Inclusion Strategies, Economic Development Strategies, Resource Development Strategies, Business, Governance, and Communication Planning, etc.

NewNation's team has the cross-functional expertise to offer advisory services in several areas, including, but not limited to: Economic Development, Business Planning, Community Planning, Governance, Project Management, Human Resources, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Venture Management, etc.


Our team is well-positioned and well-connected, which allows us to facilitate and mediate partnerships and joint ventures between Indigenous communities/organizations and private sector companies. As a part of this process, we offer assistance in Partnership Agreement Frameworks, Business Proposals, Financial Procurement, Project Coordination, Project Reporting, and more.

Our team offers supplemental training to assist in capacity development in several areas, including Economic Planning, Governance and Management, Business Proposals, Funding, Industry Engagement, and Cross-Cultural Awareness.

How Might We Help You?

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