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NewNation is a progressive and professional consulting firm that provides consulting services to both Indigenous nations seeking to create sustainable economic prosperity within their communities, as well as to private sector companies seeking to do the socially responsible thing by engaging Indigenous nations for the purpose of long-term economic development.

As an independent entity, NewNation is focused on creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between private sector companies and Indigenous Nations, with the specific focus of advancing Nation-building. NewNation’s team has a breadth of experience in solution-oriented advisory services, and our personnel has considerable experience in Indigenous inclusion and procurement, as well as in private sector enterprise and development. NewNation has long-standing and active connections with various levels of government, numerous Indigenous communities, and within various private sector industries, including energy, natural resources, and construction.

Our Team

SikPics_HEAD_NewNation-20-2 (2).jpg
Scott Longmuir


Scott has 15+ years of experience in construction, engineering, project management, risk management, quality management systems, contract administration, and Indigenous Inclusion as Civil Engineering Technologist, Project Manager, Owner/Manager, General Contractor, and Sponsor across various industry sectors. Scott has a passion, and a proven track-record, for creating opportunities for private industry to engage Indigenous nations in a socially responsible manner, and he will work closely with the team at NewNation throughout the term of every project in order to ensure mutual success for all parties involved.


Albert Derocher

Chief Executive Officer

For the majority of Albert’s career, he has worked for the Indigenous People provincially, regionally, and locally. Albert has worked for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Meadow Lake Tribal Council, and the Flying Dust First Nation, which is his home community. He has witnessed the transformation of Indigenous communities as they grow and gain inclusion into mainstream society. As a graduate of Palliser Campus in Business Administration, Albert has applied his skills and knowledge to help further Flying Dust First Nation (FDFN) Holdings Corp. He has worked for FDB Holdings (Flying Dust First Nation's Corporate Arm) as their General Manager for the past six years. He was the Economic Development Officer previous to that for 8 years and has worked for FDFN for the past 17 years. Having worked in various capacities throughout that time, Albert has developed an appreciation for the work that the staff at FDFN performs and is proud to be a member of his community. Albert is also a board member for the Boreal Community Advisory Board, a member of the Board of Directors for First Nations Power Authority, and Community Futures Beaver River. He acts as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for Muskoday First Nation Economic Development Authority Inc. Albert will assist in facilitating and developing frameworks for mutually successful partnerships, as well as in providing first-rate economic development strategies, and insight into Indigenous governance & administration to ensure the removal of barriers to shared prosperity.

Shelley Sinclair

Business Development, Manitoba Region

Shelley has experience working with First Nations, building her networks with various levels of governments and industries. Ms. Sinclair worked in the fast-paced office settings, including the Office of the Onekanew mena Onuschekewuk of Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Grand Chief’s Office, health and economic development departments of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. She has worked on various issues relating to economic development, health, governance, and personal care home. She has experience in writing annual reports, management action plans, policies, proposals, and strategic plans. She has participated in the working groups related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, OneNorth Secretariat, Indigenous Contributions to the Manitoba Economy, Regional Early Education Employment Survey, and Regional Health Survey. Shelley focused on pursuing her business degree, as she understood that in order for First Nations communities to prosper, First Nations would require practical and technical expertise in business, entrepreneurship, and politics. She graduated with the Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Winnipeg and an Advanced Diploma for International Business, from Red River College.

Luana Leader

Accounting Manager

Luana is an Anishinaabe Treaty 2 member of the Pinaymootang First Nation. She resides in The Pas, Manitoba where she has made a home and built her career. Living in The Pas allowed her to attend the Business Administration program with a major in Accounting at the University College of the North.  Most recently, she has completed the Certified Aboriginal Financial Management Program with the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association - Ottawa, Ontario.


The majority of Luana’s experience is with Indigenous communities and organizations. Her most recent appointment as Director of Finance with Paskwayak Business Development Corporation located on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation was one of her most successful achievements to date as she completed her CAFM certification while optimizing and restructuring the accounting department to maximize efficiency. During this time, she also implemented a cross-training program to help employee development and increase capacity. Through her efforts, she was able to create a team that executes efficiency and accountability using best practices and procedures.

Wes Derocher_3d.png
Wesley B. Derocher

Consultant - Project Manager

Wes Derocher is a Cree member of the Flying Dust First Nation in Treaty #6 in North West of Central Saskatchewan.  For the past 40 years, Wes has been an integral part of the development and success of his home First Nation in the areas of youth development in sports and recreation, health and community, housing, and infrastructure.

Being one of the few First Nation athletes to attend Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, SK in the early 1980s and later attending residential school at BIEC, Wes has witnessed the trials and successes of First Nation youth and communities as they become leaders in today’s society.

Patrick Derocher.jpg
Patrick Derocher

Consultant - Project Manager

Patrick Derocher is a proud member of the Flying Dust First Nation in northwest Saskatchewan.  With a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to positive change, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel in a variety of roles. His attributes include effective team management, fiscal responsibility, research acumen, and unwavering leadership, making him a versatile asset.

His career highlights include his most recent Government Negotiations post at the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC).  As Project Manager at MLTC, Patrick was instrumental in fostering collaboration between Meadow Lake First Nations and Canada's negotiations team.

Amy Derocher.jpg
Amy Derocher

Financial Administration, & Project Support

Amy Derocher has held the position of an Accounting Technician for the Flying Dust First Nation since 2018.  She is also an assistant manager with the Flying Dust Bingo, managing funds, and inventory.  She has a Business Administration Diploma from the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.  Having been the senior accounting technician for Flying Dust housing and brings knowledge covering every aspect of housing accounting and budget management.  Amy is a member of the Flying Dust First Nation in Treaty #6, in North central Saskatchewan.

Carolyn Lachance

Administration Manager

Carolyn Lachance brings 30 years’ experience working with First Nations and Provincial organizations.  Carolyn has volunteered on various committees in community of Flying Dust First Nation (FDFN).  She has organized community events including Treaty Days, Band meetings, Christmas Suppers, Elders gatherings, etc.  Her planning and organizational skills were an asset for the hosting of the Saskatchewan First Nation Summer Games in 2003 and 2019 with attendance upwards of 8,000 people.

Carolyn developed and produced the Flying Dust Newsletter “Dust in the Wind”.  She organized and managed the FDFN Language and Cultural Initiative.  Carolyn developed the training program “Introduction to Office Work - Protocols and Procedures”

         Our Mission Statement

To advance economic development and Nation-building by facilitating long-term,

sustainable business opportunities for Indigenous Nations.

Our Values


We will conduct business in a manner that keeps us accountable to Indigenous nations, and to our goal of assisting them in nation-building for the long-term.


We will establish trust with both Indigenous nations and the private sector, while also fostering trust between them.


We will remain completely unbiased and open in our dealings with both Indigenous nations and the private sector.

Equal Opportunity

We will create equal opportunity for Indigenous nations to improve their circumstances and break the cycle of poverty.

Carrie-Anne Lachance

Administrative Support

  • Organization and Efficiency

  • Planning and Coordination

  • Communications

  • Community Relations

  • Facilitation

Let us be your trusted partners in generating, implementing, and facilitating impactful business opportunities.

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